CLW Woodcraft established since 1993

Hello, My name is Mike Peckham, I live in New Zealand with my wife Carol and my son Jamie. I have been in NZ for over 34 years immigrating from the UK in 1973. Our Creative Laminated Woodcraft business was established in 1993 and has been responsible for providing outstanding laminated products ever since.

I have been woodturning for over 33 years and have specialised into laminated woodturning in the past ten years. My specialty is Salt and Pepper Shakers that has established regular business throughout NZ

                                                                                              Yew tree

We make a wide range of products but my Salt and Pepper Shakers sell the best which we have sold over 2,500 sets. Timbers used vary from NZ
timbers to exotics. My love of wood will be with me forever, I find that each piece no matter how small has some character or texture that cannot be repeated in my designs.

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CLW Woodcraft was started in 1993 and has been a thriving business for the past 14 yrs. We make a variety of laminated products from salt and pepper shakers to lamps.
vases and candle sticks, Most of our products have our signature, a laminated ring or rings around our product. Our Salt and pepper shakers are the most sought after product in our

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Timber that is used in these products.

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