Candlesticks only available as per photo when time permits, These items will vary in timber color from set to set and are only available as an order.
All these designs have the same ring system, But timbers used will vary from photo's

NZ  Rimu, Teak, Lemon wood. $140.00 nz

NZ Rimu, Lemon wood, Elm $140.00 nz

NZ Kahikatea, Mohogany. $65.00 nz

If you would like to know your freight cost for your package please contact us

Freight : will be added to these prices and will vary depending on country.

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CLW Woodcraft was started in 1993 and has been a thriving business for the past 14 yrs. We make a variety of laminated products from salt and pepper shakers to lamps.
vases and candle sticks, Most of our products have our signature, a laminated ring or rings around our product. Our Salt and pepper shakers are the most sought after product in our

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usRed Mulberry flower

Timber that is used in these products.

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